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We have a long-standing relationship with HID, who commission us to produce campaigns across their business. Our work ranges from tactical campaigns through to brand awareness campaigns.

What we did

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Campaign Creation
  • Web Design
  • HTML5 Banners
  • LinkedIn Advertising

I just love Thirst, what more can I say.

Global VP, Marketing

HID Microsite

To launch OMNIKEY, we created a fully immersive microsite, which was designed to showcase the versatility of the system through multiple use cases. Users are able to explore a smart city, drill down to specific buildings and applications, and build a swag bag to select their OMNIKEY applications. All illustrations were commissioned and specified by the THIRST team to give HID a bespoke campaign that was visually arresting with a truly engaging user experience.


We worked closely with Yale on a demand generation project for their crime prevention campaign. We designed and developed a mobile app that linked to crime statistics so that new home owners could assess the likelihood of crime in their area, and protect their house with appropriate Yale products.

What we did

  • App Creation & Design
  • Web Design
  • Demand Generation
  • Campaign